Use the ‘Telus International Customer Support‘ to contact the correct person. Our Customer Service team always there to make a International Telecommunications with biggest Internet Service Providers in Canada, USA . For example, TelusAT&T Internet, Google FiberCoxXfinity etc. And if you still need help, then you can contact us.

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  • Hours : Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 9 pm
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Telus International Customer Support Contact Number

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If you need to reach Telus International customer support, you can contact them through the following phone number:
Telus International Customer Support Phone Number: +1-888-811-2323

Telus Customer Support:

For general Telus customer support, including assistance with Telus service outages, slow internet, Optic TV issues, router problems, reception issues, Telus webmail, and other technical concerns, you can contact Telus Customer Support at the provided toll-free number.

Connect Hub Global:

The article mentions Connect Hub Global as a trusted Telus technical support company. If you
prefer to contact Connect Hub Global for assistance with Telus-related issues, you can reach them
at the following number:

Telus TV Technical Support:

If you are experiencing issues specifically with Telus TV, including problems with the remote control, then you can use the Telus TV technical support phone number provided: Telus TV Technical Support Phone Number: +1-888-811-2323

Telus Email Support:

For issues related to Telus webmail, such as login problems, password issues, email not working, or other technical glitches, you can contact Telus Email Support at the given toll-free number:

How Telus Customer Support

Can Help You: Service Outages and Slow Internet:
Telus Customer Support can assist in identifying and addressing service outages or slow internet issues by guiding you through troubleshooting steps or escalating the matter to their technical team. Optic TV Issues and Telus TV

Technical Support:

If you’re facing problems with Optic TV, including issues with the remote control, then Telus Customer Support can provide guidance and solutions to ensure the optimal functioning of your

Telus TV services.

Router Problems and Internet Connectivity:
For Telus internet router issues affecting your internet connection, Telus Customer Support can help troubleshoot router problems, provide configuration assistance, and offer solutions to ensure a stable internet connection.

Reception Issues on Mobile Phones:

If you experience reception problems with your Telus network on mobile phones, then Telus Customer Support can guide you on improving reception, addressing network coverage concerns, and optimizing your mobile connection.

Telus Webmail Support:

Telus International Customer Support assists with Telus webmail-related issues, including login problems, password recovery, and resolving errors like “Service Not Available.” They can guide you through the necessary steps to ensure smooth access to your Telus webmail.

Email Forwarding and General Technical Support:

Telus Customer Support is available to address various technical issues such as email forwarding problems, login issues, password recovery, and other common concerns faced by Telus webmail users.

Remote Administration for Efficient Issue Resolution:

In some cases, Telus Customer Support may utilize remote administration tools to identify and resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently, ensuring minimal downtime for users.

Contractually Agreed on Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Telus Customer Support operates within contractually agreed SLAs, providing users with assurance that their issues will be addressed promptly and effectively. This includes warranty periods where repair issues may be covered without additional costs.

By calling the Telus Customer Support Phone Number, users can access a knowledgeable and experienced support team dedicated to resolving a wide range of Telus-related issues, ensuring a positive and reliable experience with Telus services.